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Head Lice

Screening for head lice is carried out on a regular basis by the Parent Managed Head Lice Program. Consent forms are sent home to all parents and students will only be examined with parental consent. The Parent Head Lice Team also offers advice and demonstrations on effective treatment of head lice and screening practices. Students with head lice are excluded from school until treatment has commenced.


Sunsmart Policy

The school is registered as a SunSmart School. It is compulsory for students to wear hats until the end of April.

  • Students wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever they are outside e.g. at play, sport lessons, sport carnivals, outdoor excursions and activities.
  • Students who do not have their hats with them will play in an area protected from the sun.
  • Students will be encouraged to use available areas of shade for outdoor activities and when eating lunch and morning recess.
  • Outdoor activities will be held in areas of shade whenever possible.
  • Parents are encouraged to role model SunSmart behaviour when participating in school functions that are outdoors.
  • Parents are asked to encourage their child to put Sunscreen on before the attend school.



Arising from the duty of care that we owe our children and in the interests of the children being able to continue to attend classes there will be occasions when the administration of medication is necessary.

  • Prescription medication to be administered to children at Saint Monica’s by staff members will be permitted within specific guidelines.
  • No medication will be administered without the written permission of the parents or guardians, in the form of a school medication administration form.
  • All medications will be kept in the office in clearly marked containers.
  • Where a child needs to be injected a parent or their representative must be present to dispense the injection under the supervision of a staff member.
  • Any untoward effects of the drugs must be explained to the school by the parent or responsible adult. 


First Aid/Accidents

Students who are unwell or injured are placed in the school sick bay. When illness or accident occurs parents are notified and when necessary are asked to take their child home or to a doctor. First Aid notices are sent home when a child has received first aid during the school day. Parents are required to sign the Early Departure Register if their child is taken home from school.



As you are aware accidents do happen at school and occasionally we are required to call an ambulance. We trust that our families take the responsibility to ensure they are covered for ambulance at all times. If you are a Health Care Card Holder and depend on this for your Ambulance Cover, please read the information provided on the Ambulance Victoria website: http://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/Membership/FAQs/Are-Health-Care-cardholders-or-Pension-cardholders-covered-for-ambulance-transport.html


Infectious Diseases

Please notify the school should your child contract any of the diseases below. When your child is not well please keep him/her at home until he/she has sufficiently recovered to return to school.

Condition Exclusion of Cases
Chickenpox Exclude until all blisters have dried. This is usually at least 5 days after the rash appears in unimmunised children, but may be less in previously immunised children.
Conjunctivitis Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
Diarrhoea Exclude until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
Diphtheria Exclude until medical certificate of recovery is received following at least two negative throat swabs, the first not less than 24 hours after finishing a course of antibiotics and the other 48 hours later.
Hand, Foot and Mouth disease Exclude until all blisters have dried.
Herpes ("cold sores") Young children unable to comply with good hygiene practices should be excluded while the lesion is weeping. Lesions to be covered by dressing, where possible.


(“School Sores”)

Exclude until appropriate treatment has commenced. Sores on exposed surfaces must be covered with a watertight dressing.
Influenza and influenza like illnesses Exclude until well.
Measles* Exclude for at least 4 days after onset of rash.
Meningococcal infection* Exclude until adequate carrier eradication therapy has been completed.
Mumps* Exclude for 9 days or until swelling goes down (whichever is sooner).
Pertussis* (whooping cough) Exclude the child for 21 days after the onset of cough or until they have completed 5 days of a course of antibiotic treatment.
Head Lice, Ringworm, scabies Exclude until the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.
Rubella (german measles) Exclude until fully recovered or for at least four days after the onset of rash.
Streptococcal infection (including scarlet fever) Exclude until the child has received antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and the child feels well.


Prep Health Checks

Children in Prep receive a complete Health Check by the visiting School Nurse. Forms will be sent out notifying you of when they will be. These will be accompanied by forms that need to be completed, signed and returned to the school.



Saint Monica’s is insured along with all of the others schools in our diocese under an agreement between Catholic Church Insurances and the Sandhurst Catholic Education Office. This covers children in the event of an injury while involved in a school-based activity. See office if you require more information.



The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

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