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3/4 Unit Newsletter 

Term 4, 2018

RELIGION:  In addition to our daily prayers, whole school and unit Masses we will be working through two Religious Education units this term:
Community of Believers:
In this unit students will express an understanding of the way in which the early Christian Church was shaped and develop their knowledge of the story of the local Parish church. They will also identify some of the ministries that exist within their local church community.
Christmas the promise fulfilled:
Students will learn to understand the concept of a promise and examine ways in which Scripture shows us how various characters prepared for and responded to the birth of Jesus. They will also identify ways they can live lives of love and service and continue to reveal God to the world.

READING:  This term students will continue to further their comprehension skills by learning about the importance of skimming and scanning through a text to gain a general overview or to locate key information. Students will also develop their understanding of the need to think more specifically about the similarities and differences between the connections they are making when reading different texts. Students are strongly encouraged to keep working on their reading at home and ensure they understand what they read by having rich conversations about the text.

MATHS:  Students will continue to develop their skip counting skills by counting forwards and backwards from regular and irregular starting points. This includes working with whole numbers as well as fraction and decimal numbers. Our areas of focus this term will include Place Value where we’ll learn that numbers are always in a particular order and there are patterns in the way we say them. This helps us to remember their order. We will also be learning more about money. Students will learn to understand that we can represent money values in multiple ways and will also learn to count the change required from simple transactions to the nearest five cents. We will continue to investigate the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and the inverse relationship between these operations. We will also continue exploring number lines and word problems and how to effectively interpret them. In Applied Maths, students will be measuring, comparing and interpreting direct measurements and selecting an appropriate unit of measurement when comparing different objects.

INQUIRY: It’s a Celebration. Our inquiry unit this term is focused on exploring different celebrations all around the world. We will explore different occasions celebrated, as well as the differing symbols, rituals and emblems associated with different celebrations. We will highlight that celebrations have different meanings around the world and within different cultural groups. In this unit, students will have the opportunity to investigate a celebration from another culture or part of the world and develop their oral language skills as they present their fact file in a speech to their class.

WRITING:  This term students will be learning how to explain and socialise through different forms of writing. When writing to explain students will write informational texts that will explain a particular topic to a chosen audience. Students will read nonfiction mentor texts to gain an understanding of the structure required to write an explanation. When learning about writing to socialise, students will write emails, invitations, cards and friendly letters. Students will learn that when we write to socialise, each style of writing has specific features. As well as this, we will continue to focus on our COPS (Capitalisation, Order, Punctuation and Spelling) editing strategy to ensure we can further add to what was written. When handwriting, we are still aiming to ensure students are forming letters correctly as well as being able to join letters.


  • Students need to be reading with an adult each day with a major focus on having discussions before, during and after reading their book to ensure they understand what they are reading.
  • Students are to use their Google Account to access their Classroom Page to play maths games used in class, write pieces of work, look at educational websites and re-read articles used in class. This will consolidate learning done in the classroom. Instructions for maths games to be played with a deck of cards or dice have also been provided when Internet is not available as well as to add variety to your child’s home learning.
  • Multiplication tables 1-10 are to be revised over the term at each student’s point of need.
  • Each week students will be required to refer to their home learning sheet (sent in Week 1) to complete a task, which they will then present to their class. This task is designed to consolidate learning completed in class.

ORAL LANGUAGE:  In the 3/4 Unit students are continuously involved in developing their oral language. Each day students are asked to share their ideas, opinions and knowledge in small groups and class discussions. This allows students the opportunity to build their confidence when speaking in front of others.
This term students will also be asked to complete a variety of different activities at home to support what we are doing at school. All work needs to be ready to present to their class by Wednesday of that week. Students will present to the class Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (Please see blue homework sheet sent in Week 1).
In the second half of this term students will undertake research into a celebration (based on our Inquiry topic) from a different culture or part of the world. Students will be asked to gather information and present their findings orally to their class. More information about this oral presentation will be provided to students as the term progresses.


The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

Believe !     Imagine !     Serve !