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The school programs we  have in place showcases a variety of areas...


The Discovery School Experience (Bluearth) has been designed to engage students in physical activities that promote self-acceptance and provides

- a stepping stone for their lifetime involvement in physical activity. Discovery teaches movement patterns with emphasis on posture and other

- basic functional movement features that are seen to be lacking in modern education and physical activity experiences for children.

The objectives of the Discovery School Experience are to:

  • Provide physical activity that encourages and promotes health, fitness and general well being.
  • Engage students in movement experiences that provide positive and constructive feedback to enhance ability.
  • Activate and promote intrinsic motivation through meaningful movement experiences.
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination through individual and group movement experiences.
  • Create an environment that encourages maximum participation through inclusive practices.
  • Educate students about choice, composure and responsibility through dynamic interaction.

A key component of the program delivery is the education of key persons who have a direct influence on the ongoing support and guidance given to children. Accordingly, professional development of teachers is seen as critical to building long term program sustainably in schools.


Reading Recovery/ Learning Support

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program available to Year 1 students who are experiencing difficulties with their reading and writing.  It is an intensive program where the students work daily on a one-to-one basis with a trained Reading Recovery teacher. This program is most successful when supported by parents.

Learning Support is provided for students who require extra assistance in a variety of areas.  Support includes speech pathology, occupational therapy and acces to psycologists. Teachers work with learning support workers to ensure every childs indivdiual needs are met.  Learning support is embedded in all learning centres.


EMU Mathematics

Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) is a research-based intervention program developed by Dr Ann Gervasoni of ACU in association with the Early Numeracy Research Project (1999-2002), focusing on the early years of schooling.

The EMU Program has been shown by detailed research to improve children’s learning and confidence with mathematics. 

EMU is the Second Wave Intervention for Numeracy. Teachers have been trained as specialist intervention teachers who implement the EMU program at Saint Monica’s with targeted groups of children who have been identified as being at risk in their numeracy learning.


Excursions and Camps

Throughout the year, children attend excursions according to topics studied in the classroom.  Students in the 3/4 Area attend an overnight camp (every 2 years) and students in 5/6 Area attend a two night camp (every year).


Swimming Program

The swimming program is conducted at the Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre by trained swimming instructors. This program is held for students from Prep to Grade 6 throughout the year.


Sporting Teams

St. Monica’s School has both junior football and netball teams. Teams compete in local weekend competitions. Assistance from parents is essential to help manage the teams and to support the children.


House Sports

We divide our school communtiy into separate Houses as part of our annual athelics and swimming sports days.  This is a great way to encourage healthy competition and teamwork in the school community.  Our house names are McAuley (Green), Backhaus (Yellow), Augustine (Blue) and Mercy (Red).


Interschool Competition

At times throughout the year there are opportunities for students to represent St. Monica’s School in local interschool competitions. Students are chosen on ability, performance and attitude during lessons, trials and school competitions. If successful at local level, there is often anopportunity to compete at Regional and State level.


Before School Care Program  

A before school care option is avaliable through the school, this starts at 8am. Booking options and cost vary due to how often the service is accessed. Click this pdf Link (274 KB) for more information. This service is booked through our online ordering system CDF Pay. (Follow this Links to CDF Pay link for bookings)


After School Care Program

The Kangaroo Flat YMCA offers After School Care to students from St. Monica’s from 3.30pm to 6.00pm in the Jaara Centre at School. For bookings and further information please contact the YMCA After School Care Program on 5445 8300. This is also available when the school has a Pupil Free Day. For more information visit our Links page and click on the YMCA link.



The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

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