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Welcome to St Monica's

After more than a century St Monica’s continues to offer the local community a comprehensive curriculum that supports and empowers its students to become independent, socially aware, lifelong learners.

At St Monica’s the well-being of our students is paramount. For students to be able to learn they need to be happy. We aim to provide a warm environment where everyone feels that they belong.

To that end, the development of relationships between students and their teachers  and students with each other is fundamental to our work. We want to develop self-worth and confidence, both requirements for actively engaged learners.

We provide our students with opportunities to be immersed in new content across the curriculum and stimulate a lively curiosity about the world around them. We challenge our students through the Catholic Social Teachings that look to question the status of the global community and give our students opportunities to support others who are locally and globally less fortunate.

We prepare our students for the challenges of everyday living by developing their skills in Numeracy and Literacy, supporting them to problem solve and to think critically and creatively.

Our specialist programs support holistic education through the Arts – Music and Visual Arts, Health and AusLan. Intervention teachers support Literacy, Numeracy and speech development.

All this is underpinned by a family community of faith as we strive to support students in their spiritual understanding through prayer, Catholic traditions and stories.

At St Monica’s we endeavour to develop students who:

  • Follow Christ in their care and respect for life , self, others and the environment,
  • Are able to develop and sustain relationships with a sense of justice and empathy for others,
  • Have the academic confidence to develop the skills and strategies to succeed in an ever-changing society,
  • follow their ideals with confidence and resilience.

Welcome to our Catholic school community in Kangaroo Flat. 


The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

Believe !     Imagine !     Serve !