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Principal -Mr Reuben Johnson


Deputy Principal -Mr Max Lamb


Curriculum Leaders- Mr Max Lamb & Miss Belinda Christy


R.E.C-  Mrs Cassie Polonowita


Pastoral Wellbeing - Mrs. Angela Dicksn-Flood


Prep - Mrs Angela Dickson-Flood, Mrs Kate Brooks & Miss Eliza McNamara


Year 1/2- Mrs Cassie Polonowita, Miss Ellie Lothian, Miss Hannah Russell & Miss Grace Grogan


Year 3/4- Mr Matt Curnow, Miss Kara Driscoll, Mr Liam Bolger & Mrs Zoe Sheean


Year 5/6- Mr Shaun O’Brien, Mr Colm Feeney, Miss Jessica Mangan, Ms Nicole Knight & Mrs Lauren Miller


Education Support- Mrs Denise McCarthy, Mrs Trish Adams, Mrs Rachelle Collins, Mrs Andrea Hunt & Mrs Corinne Roberts


Specialists- Mr Darcy Haintz (LOTE/ Drama/ Health) Mrs Louise Murray (Health) & Ms Bree McAlpine (Music)


Administrative Officers -  Mrs Bronwyn Fieldew, Mrs Kirsten Ward & Miss Kate Christy


Learning Diversity -  Mr Max Lamb


Technology Support-  Mr George Egan


Art Coordinator-   Mrs Lucy Spalding


Canteen-   Ms Marie Haddow & Mrs Edna Byrne


Physical Education Coordinator-  Mrs Louise Murray


School Chaplain- Ms Wendy McIntosh


Speech Pathologist - Mrs Vikki Stone


Literacy Coordinator-  Miss Belinda Christy


Learning Support Officers -  Mrs Dianne Allison, Mr Greg Carter, Mrs Melinda Christie, Ms Sue Fitzgerald, Ms Julie Richardson, Mrs Kylie Sharkey, Ms Wendy McIntosh & Mr Ethan Roberts


Grounds and Maintenance Officer - Mr Bailey O'Connor


The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

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