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Saint Monica's has a clear Vision and Graduate Outcomes



Saint Monica's Vision

We believe in a Catholic community that fully develops the whole child and celebrates their faith journey with Jesus.

We believe that the community, families, teachers and students are partners in the learning process challenging each other to grow and be the best we can be.

We acknowledge our founders who started our school and chose St Monica's as our patroness enabling us to provide a Catholic education whose faith, compassion and love we seek to reflect.

 We are committed to promoting a curriculum that promotes self-worth and recognises the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. 

We are stewards of our environment who respect, care for and maintain the resources that God has provided us.





 Saint Monica's Graduate Outcomes

At St. Monica’s, Kangaroo Flat, we endeavor to develop students who:

  • follow Christ in their care and respect for life, self, others and the environment.
  • are able to develop and sustain relationships with a sense of justice and empathy for others.

  • have the academic confidence to develop the skills and strategies to succeed in an ever changing society.
  • follow their ideals with confidence and resilience.

Catholic Identity

Strategic Direction:

  • Promote personal relationships with God
  • Acknowledge and be proud of our Catholic heritage

Key Actions:

  • Provide a range of opportunities for students to connect with God/faith
  • Strengthen our families' faith through involvement in the school and parish community
  • Deepen our understanding of St Monica’s as a Catholic school in Kangaroo Flat, in light of our beginnings and our Mercy history.

Pastoral Wellbeing

Strategic Direction:

  • Provide an inclusive environment that encourages and promotes positive behaviour and resilience
  • Foster community engagement

Key Actions:

  • Shared responsibility of staff for the guidance of all students
  • Create confident, caring and resilient learners
  • Through community partnerships, an inclusive environment will be promoted


Learning and Teaching

Strategic Direction:

  • Provide students with the necessary academic and social skills, so they value learning and are motivated to achieve their best
  • Provide students with the skills to adapt to changes in their future education
  • Promote academic excellence

Key Actions:

  • Foster shared responsibility for all students
  • Engage staff in current learning and teaching practices
  • Encourage students to become responsible for their learning and goal setting
  • Provide a safe and challenging school learning environment

Stewardship of Resources

Strategic Direction:

  • Be responsible and accountable for ourselves, our school community and our environment.

Key Actions:

  • Ensure that resources, including personnel, are well managed and sustainable.
  • Establish a well budgeted Cyclical Maintenance Plan.
  • Continue to investigate ICT across all school
  • Operations


Strategic Direction:

  • Develop confident communicators in the Leadership Team, teachers and students who adapt to our changing society

Key Actions:

  • Explore different models of student leadership
  • Develop a deeper understanding of shared leadership across the school.




The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

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