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 5/6 Unit Newsletter Term 2, 2018

Major Learning Areas


In Term 2 our students are continuing to learn how to write narrative texts that are designed to entertain the reader. They will be using their imagination and creativity to develop character, setting and plot in a fictional text. The students will also be learning about how to write recounts. They will be writing recounts of various experiences and will learn how to write resumes and construct letters for formal and informal purposes e.g a job application. 

In Reading, students will be focusing on learning to summarise and paraphrase, using key words and phrases to capture the main focus of the text. They will also be learning how the author and illustrator present characters or events in particular ways. They will be understanding and interpreting imagery, including similes, metaphors and personification in narratives.

They will continue to use comprehension strategies to analyse information, integrating and linking ideas from a variety of print and digital sources. Students will also analyse and evaluate similarities and differences in texts on similar topics, themes or plots.


In Numeracy students will continue to improve their mathematical thinking about the different strategies that can be used to solve problems. Whilst students will be practising all operations, there will be a particular focus on subtraction and division this term. Fractions will also be covered, with students learning how to compare and order fractions, represent fractions and add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators. In Applied Maths, students will learn how to collect and analyse data and then represent it in a variety of formats such as bar graphs or venn diagrams. Students will also look at how shapes can be manipulated and transformed to produce visual ations such as jigsaws and tessellations.


Term 2’s inquiry unit is called “Passions and Pathways.” Our grade six students will be given a unique insight into the ‘world of work.’ In conjunction with a government approved organisation called Passions and Pathways, grade six students will visit real workplaces to understand what employment means and undertake a range of authentic work related experiences throughout the term.

The students will produce a portfolio detailing their experience and this will overlap with their journal in terms of samples of work for you to look at. Our grade five students will learn about the world of work and that there are lots of different types of jobs and careers. Students will learn how and why we work and how society is constructed around employment and products and services it generates.


Our first Religious Education unit this term is, ‘The Risen Christ.’ By the end of this unit students should be able to explore how Jesus’ followers responded to his death and and risen life amongst them.They will also identify ways in which they could integrate the resurrection experience into their lives.

The second unit this term is, ‘Sacramental Life’. By the end of this unit the students should be able to identify the significance of the signs/symbols of each sacrament, explain the ritual structure of each of the sacraments and identify the purpose and meaning of each sacrament.


NAPLAN assessment takes place on Tuesday 15th May to Thursday 17th May. The assessment covers: reading, spelling, language conventions, writing and numeracy. The process takes place in a relaxed non pressured environment covering content the students have been taught as part of the ongoing school curriculum.

Some other dates

Tuesday April 24th - ANZAC mass@10:40 am

Friday 27th April - School Cross Country

Friday 4th May - Grade 6 Transition Day

Monday 7th May - Whole School Closure  

Tuesday 15th May - 17th May - NAPLAN

Friday 8th June - Whole School Closure

Monday 11th June - Queens Birthday Holiday

Friday 22nd June - Journals and Progression Point Report to go home. 

Organisational issues


Please note that assemblies will be held on the even weeks of the term on a MONDAY at 2:45 pm. We would love to see you there.


We ask that your child reads on a nightly basis. Grade 5/6 students are expected to read for at least 10 to 15 minutes each weekday.

The children will be given homework tasks they are expected to complete. The tasks are handed out on a Wednesday for completion Friday week (9 days turnaround). 

At times children may be asked to complete work tasks related to the units of work being studied.

We ask that the children learn their tables each night.


Children will need to wear their sports uniform on:


Wednesday and Thursday

5/6 C

Tuesday and Friday

5/6 N

Monday and Thursday

5/6 M

Wednesday and Friday

These are the only days when runners can be worn as a part of the school uniform.


Children will be borrowing from the library and will need to bring their library bag on:



5/6 C


5/6 N


5/6 M


School Diaries

Students have been supplied with a school diary in which important dates and tasks can be entered. We are looking to prepare our students for High School and the use of a diary is one of the key organisational skills they will need. Teachers will sign the diary each week and parents are encouraged to use them as a form of communication.

Teacher Availability

If you have any queries please feel free to ask before or after school. All staff attend a staff meeting every Wednesday at 4:00 pm, and a Professional Learning Team meeting on Monday at 4:00 pm so we will not be available at these times.

Reports and Journals

The children’s journals and reports will be sent home with their term two work samples on Friday 22nd June.


The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

Believe !     Imagine !     Serve !