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 Prep Newsletter-Term 1, 2018

In reading this term, one of the foci will be around children familiarizing themselves with our reading program. This involves:
• choosing a book each day and reading it to an adult at school
• reading the book at night at home.
• reading a word list of commonly used words
We will be focusing on helping students to comprehend and talk about stories they read or hear.
We will also be working on helping students to recognize upper and lower case letters and get to know how to read some commonly used words.

We will be concentrating on learning about capital and lower case letters, and the sounds that letters usually make.
In handwriting we will also begin to learn the correct formation of lower case letters.
We will learn how to write our names and some simple commonly used words.
The two genres of writing on which we’ll be focusing are:
• Recounts
• Descriptions

Religious Education
In addition to our daily prayers and School Masses, we will work through two Religious Education units:

I am special, so are you.
Children will explore and express their unique identity. They will be asked to identify their talents and gifts, to rejoice in their individuality, and to thank God for the life given to each of them. Students will develop a sense of respect, wonder and an appreciation of diversity.

Lent and Easter
In this unit the students will be introduced to Lent and Easter as part of the liturgical year. They will explore the significance of Lent and Easter for Christians and will develop an awareness of the signs and symbols associated with Lent and Easter.

Oral Language
To develop students’ oral language skills and confidence when speaking in front of others we have a daily ‘Show and Tell’ session. There are set topics that are usually aligned with our Inquiry Unit. It is important for children to prepare and practise for this at home. Your child will have a designated day each week and it is essential that all children participate.

The children will practise counting forwards and backwards by 1s and counting forwards by 2s and 10s. The students will practise recognizing, making, ordering and writing numbers to 10. We will also focus on patterns, place value, addition, time (routines, days of the week, months of the year, seasons) and 2D shapes. We will use concrete materials like counters and bead strings, to help the students develop an understanding of these concepts.
At home, please involve your child in counting in sequence and counting groups of objects and recognizing patterns.


(Health & Physical Education & Personal, Social and Ethical Capability)
Life is Lovely!
This term we are focusing on establishing the right sort of climate in our classrooms to enable great learning and positive relationships. We have three school rules to help us: Be Safe, Be Friendly, Be a Learner. We aim for students to understand that to be healthy we need to exercise daily and to make healthy food choices. There are things we can do, and choices we can make, to be happy, healthy kids at school and in life.




The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

Believe !     Imagine !     Serve !