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3/4 Unit Newsletter Term 1, 2018

Inquiry: May The Force Be With You (Physical Science)

Our Inquiry Unit this term is focused on understanding that there is always a force involved when something starts to move. We are also learning that heat can be produced by some forces and that objects can change due to the gain or loss of heat. Students will also be exploring how to be safe when conducting experiments as well as making judgements on whether a experiment is fair or not.


Students will be developing their skip counting skills by counting forwards and backwards from regular and irregular starting points. Our areas of focus will be Place Value where we will learn to look at numbers in a variety of different ways. We will also be looking at the operations of multiplication and division and the inverse relationship between these operations. In Applied Maths students will be reading and interpreting maps, understanding symmetry, as well as exploring language associated with Statistics and Probability.


This term we will be learning to use the correct structure of a recount. We will focus on including important information that will add interest for the reader.
We will also be learning the basic structure of persuasive texts. We will learn to express and justify our opinions.
We will also focus on our editing skills using the COPS strategy (Capitalisation, Order, Punctuation, Spelling).
We will be aiming to improve our handwriting by forming our letters correctly on the dotted thirds, as well as beginning to join our letters.


We are learning different strategies to help us read a text and understand what we are reading. This term our main focus will be on answering a variety of comprehension questions and using the text to support our answers. We will also be looking at determining the important information from a text and asking ourselves questions about the text to build our understanding of what we read. We ask that students begin to complete their own reading diaries and ensure they are aware of when their reading day is to ensure they are reading to their teacher before school.

In addition to our daily prayers and unit Mass, we will work through two Religious Education units this term:
Reaching Out: Students will Identify some of the features and challenges for us as disciples of Jesus and explore examples of Christian missionary actions and programs that reach out to others in need.
Easter New Life: Students will recognize Easter as a time of new beginnings and identify times when individuals experience ‘new life’. We will also discuss the Resurrection and the appearance of Jesus as described by the disciples.


Please read with your child each day with a big focus on having discussions before, during and after reading their book to ensure they understand what they are reading. Students are invited to use their Classroom Page to play maths games used in class. Your child may also wish to use their Google Account to write stories, look at educational websites or re-read articles used in class.


The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.

Believe !     Imagine !     Serve !